Dear colleagues,

Our University provides you with the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree. In accordance with the Law and our regulations, the academic title of Doctor of Science in a particular field may be earned:
1.    by completing three-year study programme (3rd cycle of studies) and defending a doctoral dissertation, compliant with the Bologna principles.

Doctoral study programmes are realised in accordance with the Rules of the third cycle of studies according to the Bologna principles.
Doctoral study programmes last three years. Elaboration and defence of a doctoral dissertation are done within this time period as well.

For more enrolment information, please click: ENROLMENT INTO DOCTORAL STUDY PROGRAMMES

The primary goal of doctoral studies is the acquisition of a deep professional knowledge related to the field in which students intend to elaborate their doctoral dissertations, as well as the acquisition of necessary knowledge related to the use of specific research methods and techniques in the narrow field of research. Thus, students shall be qualified to solve complex practical problems and to conduct independent scientific research.

Doctoral study programmes are implemented in two ways:
a)    study programmes in all three official languages of B&H where students are obliged to attend lectures and take oral examinations in Vitez or Travnik,
b)    international study programme International Business Administration in English.

Additional information on doctoral study programmes are provided in the following slides.
Dear colleagues, top professors who come from several countries to give lectures and to be mentors for your dissertations are the guarantee of quality and success of these doctoral study programmes.

I wish you every success in earning the academic degree of Doctor of Science.

University Rector